I explore primarily what happens inside of me, different feelings, thoughts, memories, all of which work as a motor to my art. It is not the context that provokes or inspires me; it is what I find through an introspective, intimate journey. 

Sunsets, certain smells, memories of my childhood, flowers, love, courage and fear. I try to apply on my work all of this feelings and sensations, in order to express them through it. I investigate different techniques stimulated by a great curiosity, as well as the constant wish of wanting to learn leads me to study more.

The different materials offered me a range of possibilities which contribute to the sensations I’m willing to generate, related to a state of body, mind and soul.

Perfumes, acrylic paint, glitter, sprays, candies, soaps, tickets, jewelry, mirrors, charms and so a huge amount of elements. I decide to take advantage of everything the world generously provides me with so I can be able to develop myself in vast spaces such as in smaller, intimate ones.