Amalia Amoedo, was born in Buenos Aires, Argentina in 1976.

She studied with prestigious masters as Marcia Schartz, Miguel Harte, Nicola Costantino, and she studied History of art with Laura Batkis.

Amoedo has exhibited in the Argentina and abroad inclunding shows at Belleza y Felicidad Gallery in Buenos Aires; CC Recoleta in Buenos Aires; Paradiso Gallery, José Ignacio, Uruguay; Argentine Consulate in New York, etc.

Amalia Amoedo lives and works in Uruguay.



Painting with Romina Taborda.

2002- 2001 

Painting with Marcia Schvartz.


Clinic with Gumier Maier.
Sculpture with Miguel Harte.
Workshop of no convencionales materials with Claudia Aranovich.

1997- 1999 

Sculpture with Nicola Constantino.

Seminar History of Art with Laura Batkis.

Individual Exhibits


“The color of my life”. Argentine Consulate in New York, USA.


“My art is wait”. Paradiso Gallery. José Ignacio, Uruguay.

“My art is wait II”. Paradiso Gallery in Be Punta Space. Punta del Este, Uruguay.

“My art is wait III”. Space Selenza con Paradiso Gallery. Punta del Este, Uruguay.



“Capricorn”. Tailor Made Hotel. Buenos Aires, Argentina.



“Loves”. Maggendie Restaurant. Buenos Aires, Argentina.

Collective exhibitions


Exhibition in the Fashion Show Six O’Clock Tea. Spain’s Embassy in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

“Latinoamerican Art in Rome”. Gallery La Pigna, Palazzo Pontificio MaffeiMarescotti. Roma, Italia.

Salón Art Shopping 2013, Carrousel Du Louvre. París, France.

Spectrum Miami Art Fair. Miami, USA.

“Happening, Love&Music”. Pato Gil Atelier. José Ignacio, Uruguay.


International Day to Combat Violence against Women in the Republic, General Direction of the Women, Ministry of Social Development, Government of the City of Buenos Aires, Argentina.


“Americartes”. Kennedy Center of PerformingArts Washington, USA.

“Amalia, Benito, Leo II”, with Benito Laren y Leo Chiachio. Arcimboldo Gallery. Buenos Aires, Argentina.



“Vespers III”. Recoleta Cultural Center. Buenos Aires, Argentina.

Expotrastienda. Centro Cultural Borges. Buenos Aires, Argentina.

 “Amoedo, Chiachio, Laren”, with Benito Laren y Leo Chiachio. Arcimboldo Galley. Buenos Aires, Argentina.

Trosman-Churba Fashion Show. Buenos Aires, Argentina.



“Vespers II”. Painted Heartbreak Hotel. Buenos aires, Argentina.

“You can encourage your”. Palais de Glace. Buenos Aires, Argentina.

ArteBA Art Fair. Arcimboldo Gallery. Buenos Aires, Argentina.



“250x250”. Recoleta Cultural Center. Buenos Aires, Argentina.

“Vespers”. Giesso Reich Space. Buenos Aires, Argentina.